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Meet Haylee

My Rough Road To Fitness

My fitness story is certainly not a great, epic one. It started off rocky like I think most people’s does. I began to exercise, then I’d quit. I ate too much, then I ate too little.  I gained weight and lost weight only to gain it right back again. I skipped the gym for months, years even, then I’d start again. And this was the cycle I continued in for over a decade. After I graduated college, I moved to New York City and began working long hours at my job and things got worse. My health and my sanity had taken a serious back seat to my wellness.  I was slowly putting on weight, eating take-out almost daily and frequently too tired to get to the gym after work. I was looking for anything to help me get out of my fitness rut. I was frustrated with the gym, so one day in a desperate attempt to get back on track I decided to sign up for a kettlebell class that was offered in my neighborhood. I started off doing one class a week, it was hard and I had no idea what I was doing, but I stuck with it. A few weeks later, I noticed I had a little muscle definition which I had never thought was even possible for my body type. I continued training with kettlebells over the next month and was stunned at the results. After a few months of training with kettlebells, I had not only lost weight, but my body had dramatically changed. I could hardly believe the way it was quickly transforming the shape of my body. Best of all, it was fun and dynamic and I actually started to look forward to the workouts. A few months later I was more leaned and toned than I had ever been and I became passionate about wanting to help others achieve the same success I had. I decided to get my Russian Kettlebell Certification from RKC and began to teach. I loved it so much, I eventually left my corporate job and have been dedicated to helping people get the same amazing results using kettlebells ever since. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say it has changed my life and I can’t wait to show you how it can change yours.

My Vision

My vision is simple.  To bring the benefits of kettlebell training to everyone in their home.  Join me for your free consultation to learn how kettlebells will get your more lean and toned than you ever imagined.